07 Apr 2016

Google has finally released confirmation that when it come to site ranks, using a secure site (HTTPS) gives website a small ranking benefit. Google did say that the bump is slight right now and is just a small factor in the algorithm that determines the worthiness of websites in the ranking factor, but could be a more significant signal in the future. Google has been saying for years that the sole purpose of the company is to weed out sites with no real significance to the visitor and to keep internet users safe. This leads us to believe that the importance of SSL in the future of website design is something we sould keep an eye on.

google seo ssl

We know that security on the internet is of significant importance to everyone and now with the recent large scale hacking that has been going on security on each site you visit is becoming more important. If you own a site and would like more information on SSL, then please contact your hosting provider and find out the cost and details of switching to a secure site.

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