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What is new in website design?

The biggest change in website design has been the change of static to dynamic websites. Visitors now expect an interactive website experience and want the information faster and presented in a more appealing way.

This means that flat static websites are a thing of the past and are at a disadvantage when compared to competitor sites that use a more modern website model.


No More "Webmaster"

One of the biggest differences between us and our competitors is the fact that we have removed our clients dependance on a “webmaster” and we actually put our clients back in charge of their own websites. You DO NOT have to continue to pay someone to make changes to your site. We teach you how to make changes and maintain your website on your own. And you do not need any more technical skills than being able to write an email and send it. The content management system we utilize to build your site is no more difficult than the email program you already use.

Responsive Websites

Mobile technology quickly carved out a piece of online traffic and is gaining ground with every new generation of device released. Flat static websites that shrink to fit on mobile devices is a thing of the past and will lose you potential visitors.

All of the websites we develop are mobile-responsive. This means that they physically change their appearance in order to present as much data as possible on mobile devices.

Our Unique Gurantee

We guarantee your website for 1 year after its creation at no cost to you.  We include a complete backup of your website so we can restore it within minutes and we also include an extra layer of security to make sure your website is not hacked or changed without your permission. As far as we know, we are the only firm in Texas that offers this guarantee.