05 May 2017

We all remember the days when it was easier to get high search engine rankings by outwitting the system with questionable “bl@ck hat” search engine optimization practices. But as the search engines have improved their algorithms, many classic SEO practices have been rendered obsolete. However, if you search SEO forums or optimization agencies you will […]

05 May 2017

In the market place of today’s world, online presence and good website design are the keys to reaching your customers. Without an online presence you are turning your back on a vast number of customers who are looking for your goods or services, but just don’t know you exist. Your site is the face and […]

10 Apr 2016

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen people make when working with a website design firm is the mobile readiness of a site. The advancement of the mobile phone has steadily increased mobile searches to record high numbers and each new model of phone produced increases the number of people and searches. People demand […]

07 Apr 2016

Google has finally released confirmation that when it come to site ranks, using a secure site (HTTPS) gives website a small ranking benefit. Google did say that the bump is slight right now and is just a small factor in the algorithm that determines the worthiness of websites in the ranking factor, but could be […]